Purchase an Instrument

Much of our inventory is decades old. We need donors to help us modernize and upgrade our failing instruments. Here are some instruments we desperately need and approximate costs.

2 Mellophones – $1100-$1500 each. Over the past six years, boosters and donors have purchased 10 new mellophones. The whole section is now at least playing instruments in the same key! Two more would give us a complete set.

1 English Horn – $5-6000. Procured

1 Set of Symphonic Chimes – $6,000. DONATED ANONYMOUSLY!

1 Marching Set of Trumpets – $20,000. A matching set of trumpets to use for marching band would improve our overall sound a great deal! It is quite difficult to get a unified sound with so many different brands, models and levels of trumpets.

9 Large Tenor Trombones – $3,000 each. Our concert trombone sections do not have a dark sound and they struggle to get a characteristic trombone sound for concert. To get that dark, symphonic sound we need 6-9 large tenor trombones with f-attachments.

2 Baritone Saxes – $4900 each. Our bari saxes are repaired often and are being held together by hope and tape. It is time for some new ones.

4 Tenor Saxes – $4700 each. We always get too many alto saxes and some kids cannot switch to tenor because their families cannot afford another instrument. If we could supply it, they’d be happy to switch.

1 String Bass for Jazz – $5000

If you have the means and interest in purchasing an instrument for the band, please email the director at director@rangerband.com. Your donation can be as private or public as you wish. Partial donations to the instrument-replacement fund are always welcome as well.

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