Mark Leversedge Memorial Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarship money for members who need help paying for band fees and travel expenses.

Donate to the Jazz Program

Provides assistance to kids who cannot afford to travel with the jazz band.

Chance Allison Memorial Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarship money for students who need help paying for band camp.

Margie Wrye Memorial Fund

Contribute to the RUMBA General Fund to cover ongoing band expenses

Field Tower Project – cost $6000 Donated by !

Help build an observation tower for Marching Band practice field

20′ Shipping Container – cost $4000

Help create storage space for the band!

Instrument Funding

We are always in need of additional instruments and upgrades. Click here to see our current needs.

Staff Funding

Contribute to the ongoing expense of paying top quality staff for all programs.

Arizona Tax Credit Donation

If you pay taxes in Arizona, designate the RUHS Band Program to benefit from your tax credit donation.

  1. 1. Click below
  2. 2. Select the SCHOOL- Rincon or University
  3. 3. Select the ITEM- Rincon Band Tax Credit or University Band Tax Credit
  4. 4. Type a MEMO (optional)  – Student name if you wish to benefit an individual
  5. 5. Type donation AMOUNT – Up to $200 for individuals, $400 for married couples
  6. 6. Click BUY and then CHECKOUT

Click here to make your Arizona tax credit donation.


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Alumni Pride

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